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I did this to honor all our friends who helped us make the 18th Century Living History weekend a Reality. This event ran annually from 1999 to 2006. At a very nice place in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Sue (Barefoot) Pratt & I had the greatest joy seeing you all there to help out making it a landmark event. We pushed the limits with the public immersion battles and the ad hoc methods we used to present the shows! Please remember us as we dearly remember you all. Remember the "Piggy" the fun and the Camaraderie! We love you all ... as time moves on we miss you all but have the greatest memories!

Let this be a walk back in time for you all...as it is for us. I kept the original formating the same as it was when it was posted ( on that "not to be mentioned " "Other site") 7 + years have passed since the last event...Some of us have passed now some are still here ..........just know, you are deep in our hearts.

We Present here your events ..."The original" 18th Century Living History Weekends!

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