Here are a few of my Custom Flintlocks from my workshop along with some Magazine Covers and some accoutrements I have made over the past 40 years............. Jim W. Filipski
"Working in my own choice is not to duplicate but to interpret the style of the old schools of rifle & fowling gun building!

Some of my custom builds from the 1980-90's........

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English Fowler

Interpretive Transitional Rifle Interpretive Northampton Longrifle

more ........

Bucks County

R. Gavronsky- Lancaster

G. Rogers- French Fowler

Some recent Custom builds:

C. Harris -PA Squirrel Rifle.

G. Rogers-Custom "Heavy Bullet" Flintlock Rifle

Builds from TOTW parts sets


R. Recher- LH Haines Style

German Jaeger rifles

"One of the greatest delights of the Germanic rifle of the 18th Century
is that almost any whim of the maker can be put to use.
Designers and makers of American longrifles do not have comparable freedom"

George Shumway

Violin Jaeger

Schreckengost Jaeger

Dancing Moose Jaeger

Restoration & Conservation Services

Original Restoration- T.Miller 1756 1st Model Brown Bess

A place to honor my Dear Old 18th Century Friends

Some of my Accoutrements

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Fine Custom Flintlock Arms
Restorations, Conservation, Repairs, Reconstructions & Consulting LTD.

( at this time I'am not taking on any new gun building projects as my schedule is filled for the next 5 years)